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Saturday, October 20 2007
Welcome to our blog!  In addition to revealing our new programs we would like to introduce you to our Zag Live section of our website.  Here you will find things related to our programs and well...all things Zag.  You can check out our new programs by clicking on the map icons on our homepage or going to the following link.   Moreso, here we talk about our programs,  our passion for travel, sport, and making a difference. 

We pride ourselves on being the only organization a majority owned and operated by hockey people.  We pride ourselves on building programs which provide what we feel to be the best international hockey opportunities.  Why do we feel the hockey portion of our programs are unique and different?  Well, in addition to being travel industry experts,  our international tour directors and managers of our various programs have played or are playing at the highest international level. Most have played on their respective national teams.   Nearly all of our managers are still playing in their premier leagues in their Zag off time.  Ok...well...maybe you are thinking... that is a little different.  Well what is truly unique is that our staff,  in addition to being travel experts, playing and coaching hockey at the highest international level,  most of them have coached here in the U.S. at various colleges, high schools, etc.  This unique blend of our team members being raised in their respective hockey systems, competing  and coaching at the highest level in the world and coaching here in the USA positions us to really understand what you and your teams need as it relates to your country of preference.   This understanding allows for the optimal instruction, matching of competition, and also someone that truly understands your girls on and off the field. 

While our passion for sharing international hockey  is important ...what really drives us is using our programs to challenge the kids off the field. is great to travel, play hockey, see some sites, have fun and make international friends, but in truth we feel a burden to build experiences that are deeper in meaning and in function.  Experiences which we hope will have life changing affects on our students traveling and those they come into contact with.  We really believe that travel can provide personal growth unlike any other short term educational experience.  We are driven to challenge the athletes to push through comfort zones, or "Zag".  This means challenging them personally, culturally and most importantly challenging them to think beyond themselves and consider those that are less fortunate.   Every Zag program has a mandatory element of community service.  We are the first and only organization to require this.  This service is powerful on multiple levels.  Not only does it build a sense of giving back, it also provides further cultural interaction in a personal manner, which is another opportunity for cultural understanding.  In addition, in an age where our country is perceived in a negative light, such positive interaction and service works to build bridges between nations.  While giving with our hands on each tour is a big part of our programs, we also work hard to select programs which we can also benefit monetarily.  Our 2007 program was geared toward sponsoring orphans in Africa.  Many of the teams who traveled with us last year were  gifted sponsorship of a child for 1 year by our organization.  This sponsorship provided much needed economic and basic necessities for these children.   This program will also be extended to many of our teams going forward into 2008.  We will talk much more about this program in later entries.  But until then keep Zaggin'.

Gotta run, catch up with us in our next blog!
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Monday, October 15 2007
In 2008, we will again have our Zag Xtreme Project which will be sponsoring children in Africa.  In 2007,  Zag sponsored children for in the names of our traveling teams.  The support provided for necessary, food, water, and education for the child.  The athletes and teams were then expected to write letters and gain an understanding for the situation that these children in Africa come from.  Zag Xtreme has been inspired by the UN Millenium Project found here:


Although, what we do is very small in the grand scheme of the world, if we all do something we can affect change. We continually feel inspired to do something to make a difference whether it be giving back with our hands or sponsoring those in extreme poverty with our support. We hope to instill the same in our traveling athletes. We hope that they will be inspired to consider how they can make a difference in bigger ways as they advance beyond the field and into professional life.
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