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Thursday, October 29 2009
Have a limited budget?  Never been on tour with a team before?  Not sure you want to go too far from home?  Worried about language barriers? Just want something new and unique for preseason?  That is exactly why we developed our Bermuda and Adventure Vancouver programs.  We wanted to create some fantastic hockey opportunities that were more accessible for teams on a limited budget or with limited tour experience.  

For high schools, 2009 was another fantastic year in Bermuda.  2008  saw the Middlesex school taking part in the Bermuda sun and preseason training.  2008 proved that our Bermuda Open can be a critical part of a team's success in their season.  Mamaroneck High School is a great example and entered our Bermuda Open and Team Training in 2008 and now find themselves undefeated and at the top of polls.  For Colleges, our College Preseason Bermuda program allowed Moravian and Alvernia experience the Zag Difference! In 2008, we had perennial Division II power UMass Lowell take part in our NCAA pre-season tour to Bermuda. At only 2 hours flight, Bermuda provides one of the most beautiful hockey settings in the world.  With pink sand beaches, the 2009 host of the Pan Am womens hockey championships, is an ideal setting for your pre-season or summer tour.  Tours can be arranged from January-August.  Prices:  1099-1499usd per person.

Vancouver, with its scenic beauty, is a fantasic hockey destinations.  Conn College experienced an Adventure Vancouver never to forget!  Full of fantastic hockey, and outdoor adventures!  With a good standard of hockey, fine facilities, and ideal team building activities...the coast and mountains of BC are ideal for our teams looking to travel on a budget and looking for something new and unique.  Tours can be arranged from May-August.  In May, we also support a high level tournament which is appropriate for NCAA teams.  Learn more about our program on our site.  Prices: 1099-1499usd per person.
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Thursday, October 29 2009
Hello!  As many of you know we have been leaders in developing unique and powerful hockey experiences to Argentina for over 5 years.  Argentina has always been a special place for our organization and most importantly for me personally.  I grew up celebrating Argentine traditions in my home.  My Mom, Aunts and Uncles all were raised in Argentina.  My Grandparents spent 30 years of their lives giving to Argentine society.   Needless to say Argentina holds a special place in my heart.  In 1999, I lived, played and worked in Argentina where I lived with my Aunt and Uncle.  It was a special time in my life and it inspired me to share what I had always known with people and athletes like me.  So, when we formed Zag Sports soon after, Argentina was the first program we worked to develop.  We anointed Silvina, our long time friend and friend of the USA hockey community, as our director of Argentine operations.  She is with all of our groups and her impact on our program goes without saying.  She played on the Argentine National team for many years and was an integral part of the core group of women that helped to put Argentina at  the top of the  hockey map.  I of course met her while she was coaching at Columbia.  That experience at Columbia was very important to her role at Zag today.  It helped her to understand what our US athletes need and expect on and off the field and it helped her to understand how her country could best help better our athletes.  She is a woman and fully captures what our girls need.  Most importantly Sil gets and fully embraces what we do. She is a high level hockey person who organizes the highest level clinics and often organizes for our teams to play the Argentine National teams on many occasions. Not to mention our Master Clinician over the last 5 years has been the Senior Men's National Coach, Pablo Lombi!   She is also director of one of Argentina's high level clubs.  She has been instrumental in developing our "Impact a Child" program and our "Zag Homestay" program.  Our "Zag Homestay" program is the first of its kind and 75% of our teams take part and enjoy the culture of Argentina by staying with a club family and building  lifelong relationships.  In addition, she has worked hard to develop unique active learning opportunities which expose our girls to the culture and history in new and exciting ways.  Even more importantly,  Sil is a native of Buenos Aires.  She is connected at the highest level of hockey and society. Long ago, my family noted that in order to navigate Argentina in the best way possible you have to be Argentine.  So, when you consider Argentina, please remember we have something special in our programs there. The program is a reflection of me and my family.  As a founder of this organization....with an Argentine family heritage...and being an active member of the hockey community..I hope you can embrace and come to learn what all our traveling teams have come to know.  Ciau! Melisa
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Tuesday, October 27 2009
As hockey people, we strive to grow the game and develop players through our life changing experiences.  That requires being pioneers in developing new experiences in new lands.  Our2009  Zag China was just that and as the first known US based organization to develop hockey programs in China we are excited to allow teams from around the world to experience our Zag China program in 2010!  After a 2009, that saw Skidmore College as a "Zag" pioneer and the first known amateur youth or college field hockey team to set foot on a Chinese hockey turf we are excited to share a fantastic culture and high level of hockey with more teams. In 2010, our Zag Pioneer Program will take us to Brazil where we will be the first to develop hockey experiences in the land that will host the 2016 Olympics!  Will you and your team be a pioneer!
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