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Wednesday, October 29 2008
So were we.  You know it has always been our policy to NEVER cold call.  First of all...being a coach in hockey....I know exactly just how irritating it can be.  Our approach has always been that we don't work in the car business, or the insurance business...where cold calls are a way of life.   What we do is very unique.  We have always felt if you have and build something special  teams will come to you.  That is exactly what we have done.  We believe in the power of our Zag community and believe that coaches and teams will travel and share in what we do for us.  So if you haven't learned about us through your colleagues...well...that is the best place to start...before even hearing from us.  If you haven't heard...we can connect you to the many coaches who have traveled.   Also, the US... teams travel very rarely.  Because teams have not traveled with multiple tour companies, they don't have anything to compare to.  So for those that haven't experienced the uniqueness of what we do...we would encourage you to learn and experience it first hand.  Remember, you really want to work with an organization that is rooted in hockey. An organization that has more than just a financial interest and has experience in our sport prior to selling tours to us.  You want a company that has a passion for the game and making the game better.  There are many little things that can't be overlooked and can only be known by those familiar with the game, athletes, and coaches.  You don't want to travel to a far off location and play on grass.  Being the only organization owned and operated by high level hockey people...well.... you are covered there.  Secondly, you want an organization that provides something unique and different.  You don't want to ride around in a tour bus and look at buildings as if you were a senior citizen group.   You want to experience the country.  That is exactly what we do.  As the only organization who requires community service...well..that is unique in itself.  Don't want to do community service? Well...I can assure you...for most of our teams it is the highlight.  You wont regret it. In addition to giving back , our service opportunities allow you to experience the people and culture in authentic ways.  Of course...there are the activities that no other organizations do...whether it is our Pizza making lesson in Italy, or homestay in Argentina....we provide active learning opportunities that are unique to us...well that is..until other companies realized how cool the activities were too.  I can say...imitation is the best form of flattery and we are proud to have been leader and innovators in what we do.  We look forward and would be grateful to serve you and your girls!  Thanks,
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