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Thursday, November 11 2010
We just wanted to offer a special thanks to all those teams traveling around the world in 2010.  A few thoughts in review:
  • Close to Home:  While our popular hockey touring destinations like Ireland, Argentina, Europe(in general), Australia remained popular, the economy "encouraged" teams to partake in some of our fantastic budget oriented options closer to home.  Vancouver and Bermuda are extremely popular for colleges and high schools alike. Our programs in those destinations  and similar--Barbados, Dutch Antilles, Montreal, Toronto--are also great options.  On a budget in 2011? Consider our programs in Bermuda, Canada, or the Carribbean.
  • Zag Pioneers: As hockey people we are not only committed to developing our US players/tams, but also the world of hockey in general.  Touring sides are critical to the lifeblood of the sports development.  As a result, in 2008 we made a commitment to create our Zag Pioneers program which takes our US teams to countries that have never been visited by USA high schools or colleges.  In 2009, Skidmore College embarked on a special journey to Beijing where they experienced hockey and culture in a unique and fantastic way.  In 2010, St. Lawrence College journeyed to Brazil where they experienced a vibrant culture, scenic beauty, and athletic, yet developing hockey.  In 2011, our pioneers program will take us to Portugal and beyond with one of our D1 traveling teams.  For those interested in our pioneers program, consider our upcoming Zag Pioneer program to Fiji, Venezuala, or get creative and suggest a destination where we can make a difference!
  • Giving Back:  Our commitment to giving back while on tour is at the core of what we do.  But, as we travel the world, not every destination has appropriate opportunities.  So, over the years we have always sponsored children on our team's behalf.  This year we are doing something unique for our 2010 teams.  We are supporting a small organization known as Fields of Growth.  Fields of Growth is a fantastic organization with a clear vision and we feel our sponsorship on our team's behalf will make a greater impact.  More to come as we release details in the coming weeks!
Now is the perfect time to start preparing your 2011 journey!  Contact us today via email at or by phone at 18005307924. 
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